To all our customers near and far, we hope you are keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times. We just wanted to touch base and let you know that we are still open with a reduced size team. We are processing and dispatching orders as usual even though our onsite store is currently closed.

Please place chandlery orders online or email info@hartleyboatschandlery.co.uk
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Stay safe and we hope to see you on the water soon.

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Wayfarer Weekender £18995 incl VAT

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This boat is designed for those sailors whose swimming days are over, those sailors with partners, family and friends who want to be safe and not worry about the possibility of a capsize.

Please see read below to give you a full understanding of how we have developed from the Wayfarer to the Weekender.

Having spent thousands of pounds from my pension pot buying the worlds very best 16ft dinghy, the Wayfarer, a dinghy rated at the top of all other dinghies for stability and handling capabilities in big seas with strong wind's.

For many years I asked my naval architect 'could you improve the Wayfarer, can it be done?', the answer was 'YES'.

Hartley Boats are proud to announce the launch of our new Wayfarer Weekender. 

How, you might ask, can I state that this is the best cruising boat in the world? It is as follows; the boom is higher (more headroom), controls led back to centre, reefs down in seconds with slab reefing on the main and our furling reefable genoa system. Then, take weight out of the construction and fit a 60kg cast-iron centreboard this making the boat virtually impossible to capsize. When forced over it will not invert and rights itself and, when in water with water on its sails just a little help with one hand on the centreboard and the boat rights.

The boat is so stable and easy to sail. 

During testing with full sails, asymmetric kite flying in windy conditions, gybing, sailing single-handed was easy. The decision to take the weight out of the hull and out into the 60kg cast-iron centreboard has delivered a well-balanced training boat that does not require a more powerful rig.

The most stable 16ft dinghy in the world, now with its 60kg cast-iron ballasted centreboard. When sailing in heavy winds the boat just luffs up into the wind instead of capsizing, the boat is virtually impossible to capsize. A lighter construction to compensate for its 60kg ballasted centreboard makes handling on and off the water easy. The easy and quick to reef (within seconds) slab reefing main and its furling reefable genoa system, high-boom and controls led to centre cockpit and with a choice of asymmetric or symmetric spinnaker makes this boat a must for cruising sailors.

We now have the very best cruising boat money can buy. 

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