This extensive range of cruising boats is by far the best range of cruising boats available in the UK.


The Hartley 10 cruiser is a very stable sit-in design with a high boom to more comfortably accommodate older youth and adult learners. The attractive hull shapes move swiftly through the water and self drains effortlessly. It has a centreboard for much ease of launching and recovery.  

The Hartley 12 is hard wearing Rotomould dinghy with a very stable sit-in design with a high boom to more comfortably accommodate older youth and adult learners. Moving swiftly through the water it self drains effortlessly. It has a centreboard to aid launching and recovery. The Hartley 12 Cruiser comes with a soft reefable mainsail with a clip on jib available as an extre.

The Hartley 12.2 adds a whole new exciting dimension to rotomoulded dinghy sailing!  It comes with a jib and asymmetric or summetric spinnaker for added performance and enjoyment. Rotamould construction means it is strong, durable and almost maintainance free.


Over 50 years in the making giving both top performance together with very responsive handling characteristics in addition to which the boat is very stable and at home in sea waters.

The classic 16ft cruising favourite, the wayfarer is the UK's No.1 cruising dinghy. Truely a boat for all seasons and waters.  It can be sailed by one person yet it has ample room for up to 6 and comfortable sleeping room for 2. Its versatility and stability are just a couple of this boats outstanding qualities. It can be sailed, reefed, rowed, left at anchor or propelled with an outboard. A truly remarkable dinghy, the benchmark by which others are judged with unique qualities so many strive to emulate!

By far the best 14ft sailing dinghy available. With its 50 years pedigree this is a truly modern take on a much loved classic. Ideal for single handed sailing or with up to 4 people. Use with sails, outboard, or rowed. A very stable boat and a pleasure to sail.

With 50 years pedigree this 12ft sailing dinghy is in a class of its own. Maximum Stability with very responsive handing make this boat first choose with many people. Can be sailed, used with a outboad, or rowed, a pleasure to sail.

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