Trolleys, Trailers and Combinations Units

At Hartley Boats we have a large range of trolleys and trailers to suit dinghies large and small. Of course we carry the full range of trailers to suit all of the boats that we manufacture but did you know that we also stock trolleys and trailers for most other dinghy too. Call us today for a quote or to get advice on your towing needs.

Launching Trolley
Road Base
Combination Trailer

Towing Parts & Accessories

We carry a large stock of towing spares and accessories, check out our chandlery or call us today for all your towing needs.

Road trailers 10" wheels
Combi launch trolley
Double cradle units
Road base 8" wheels
Combi road base
Road base
Combi unit in situ
Jet ski trailer unit
Road ready unit
Road base
Trolley wheel spares
Hitch lock
Jockey wheel spare
Lighting board
Lighting board mast support
Trolley / trailer fastener
Linch pins & accesories
Tie down equipment
Tie down straps
Extended mirror
Hitch lock
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