The Wayfarer is a high quality, hand-built, G.R.P. dinghy suitable for all the family. At just under 16 foot, this spacious dinghy can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults.


Its excellent handling characteristics ensure that beginners quickly gain confidence and can relax and have fun sooner. More experienced sailors can enjoy club racing or the challenges of the racing circuit.


The solid G.R.P. construction, of the Mark IV, provides good stiffness, long term durability and very stylish lines. G.R.P. is easy to take care of which enables the Wayfarer to be maintained at a very high standard for many years.


The Wayfarer is a very versatile craft with a vast range of options for training, cruising and racing. It can be rigged for one purpose eg. cruising and later re-rigged to a different configuration eg. racing to meet changing need or interest.


The Cruising Wayfarer is ideal for pottering around with the ease of a furling jib and a reef-able mainsail, it is big enough for spending a night under the stars and it can be fitted with oars, anchors or even an outboard engine to suit your cruising needs. Our boats are built to order so you can choose from a range of options to suit your intended use.


The Racing Wayfarer is constructed with speed and agility in mind and provides an exhilarating three sail performance under spinnaker. This boat is very suitable for racing on short or long courses on inland and coastal waters. There is an active Wayfarer class association that provides a full schedule of racing events locally, nationally and internationally.


Training Wayfarers are constructed with extra strengthening in the areas that come under high stress in sailing schools and resorts. Training boats are available in a variety of options which can include asymmetric or symmetric spinnakers or even both options in the same boat. They can have rear seats fitted or not and even a trapeze option. These boats can be fitted with masthead flotation to forestall inversion and all round bumpers to guard against bumps and scraped.


Although updated in 2008 by Phil Morrison to take full advantage of modern design, manufacturing and building techniques, the Wayfarer has an unrivalled pedigree and has been one of the worlds safest and most popular sailing dinghies since it was first designed as a an all round training, cruising and racing dinghy by Ian proctor in 1957.



Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wayfarer Sailing!





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