Beautiful Cruising boats for relaxing, exploring & great adventures
Responsive agile boats for exciting Racing & competative fun
Safe, strong, easy to manage Training boats for youth & Adult

Getting a new boat is a wonderful experience! Owning your own dinghy will bring you many hours, days, months even years of enjoyment.

At Hartley Boats we believe that choosing the right boat for the purpose of use is vitally important to ensure maximum enjoyment. We build boats for many purposes and for a great variety of truly unique people who will all use their boats in different ways. When choosing your boat it is important to consider carefully how, where and by whom it will be used.

We can build you a boat specifically for a single purpose eg. Racing or Cruising or we can tailor your boat to meet the needs of multiple purpose use. All of our GRP boats are made to order so custom fitting or bespoke strengthening to meet your needs is part of the unique service we offer.

If you already have a favourite boat class or a particular interest in a certain type of sailing, just click on that class in the boat range dropdown tab above or follow the cruising, training or racing route via the images above to get all of the information you need to build your own boat specification.

If are new to sailing or you just want to check out the full range of boats to see what class of boat would best suit your needs either click on one of the images above for the type of sailing that interests you or check out the full range in the boat range dropdown tab above. 

Our sales team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and are there to help you choose the best options for your special purpose.  With such a wide variety of designs and options in the Hartley Boats range you are sure to find one to suit your needs. If you need more help or advice to help you make a more informed choice, please drop us a line or give us a call and we would be delighted to assist you.

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