Hartley Contender

 The New Hartley Contender is a remarkable evolution that further develops the strengths of it’s successful predecessor, it is a sleek new model that incorporates new engineering and design techniques to overcome the shortcomings that have been limiting factors in earlier models.


Beautifully faired and optimised with precision accuracy, symmetry and sharpness.





In addition the Hartley Contender has numerous bespoke fittings and design details to set the new Gold standard and to place it well ahead of the competition.  


Technical & Design Features

The sleek deck shape and tight hull lines provide an attractive look, perhaps more in keeping with the contemporary designs of modern high performance dinghies then of the flat wooden Contenders of yesteryear, however the Hartley design still holds true to the original.



We trust the new innovations and improvements will make the Hartley Contender a joy to sail and an even better performer then her predecessors. We hope that her new design and good looks will attract more helms to this wonderful high performance dinghy and that her, speed, agility, responsiveness and performance will keep them sufficiently challenged and satisfied to encourage the growth that will boost the Contender class going forward. 

 Price £10,995


Length: 4875 mm

Beam: 1500 mm

Weight: 83 Kg

Mast Height: 6427 mm

Trapeze: Single Wire

Construction: GRP

Sail Area: 10.3 m Sq.

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