The Osprey is a fast and exciting two person boat with a trapeze and a generous spinnaker. Built exclusively by Hartley Boats since 2005, the Osprey’s fine lines were modernized by top designer Phil Morrison. The Hartley Boats epoxy Mark V launched in 2016, with a stylish new look which matches the new model’s exhilarating performance.  Come on board to enjoy a thrilling ride, and an action packed racing circuit. 


Simply the best trapeze boat.




The Osprey is a fast, exciting boat to sail.

The Osprey’s 5.35 metre length gives it a longer waterline length than almost any dinghy class, and hence a higher maximum speed upwind. The Osprey’s large over-lapping genoa quickly gets it up to maximum speed to windward. Off-wind, feel the acceleration from its generous, 17 square metre spinnaker.

Downwind, the Osprey is equally happy running straight before the wind, or heating up on broad reaches. Try three sail reaches for maximum thrills!

In many other classes, good helms and crews find themselves off the pace through being either too heavy or light.

The Osprey class attracts a breadth of crew weights which other classes cannot match. In Ospreys, larger crews may use stiff alloy spars, or may straighten their carbon masts, while lighter crews usually choose carbon spars, using more mast bend.  So big or small teams can be very competitive. Most Ospreys come with fully adjustable rigs, with rake, shrouds and mast strut all adjustable on the water. Hence, the Osprey attracts many mixed gender teams.

The Osprey is a big boat, hence a little heavier than smaller competitor boats, and it has great natural stability. It is a perfect boat on which to learn to trapeze, coping easily with big seas, but goes well in all wind conditions.


The Osprey is without doubt one of Ian Proctor’s outstanding designs. The Osprey dates back to the early 1950’s, and was one of the first trapeze dinghies. In 2005, Hartley Boats became the Osprey’s sole builder, and they invested in new designs and new moulds, first in 2005 with the Mark IV Osprey, then for a second time in 2016 with the new Mark V. 


In 2004, Hartleys commissioned renowned dinghy designer Phil Morrison to update and refresh the Osprey design. The updated design was to permit fair racing with other Ospreys, but allow the low maintenance demanded by modern customers, and enable foam sandwich construction for the first time for stiffness and longevity.

Morrison made a modest reshaping of the hull externally, improved the internal layout to give the crew a much better working area, and strengthened the rigidity of the hull. 



Production of the new design Osprey, called the Mark IV, started in 2005. The new Osprey attracted many orders from existing Osprey sailors, and drew in sailors of other classes. That trend continues with the stylish new Mark V Osprey, which has the same external hull shape as the Mark IV, but an all new interior, and stiff epoxy construction.

These two successive Hartley Osprey models have catalysed a revival in the class which lasts to this day.

Hartley Ospreys may now be purchased either fully finished to your specification, or as hull only, ready for you to fit out, applying your own ideas for fittings and systems.

Call Mark or Richard Hartley today on 01332 369751 to find out more about the Osprey, or to request an order form.


The Osprey has been used successfully for over 40 years. Its 5.35m length and a beam of 1.75m gives the boat its stable qualities. The hull design ensures excellent performance whilst a total hull weight of just 140kg makes the Osprey easily managed both in and out of the water.

It has been said:

'if you like the idea of a Bentley Continental GT, this could be the dinghy for you!'


Length - 5.35m

Beam - 1.75m

Hull weight - 133.9kg

Max, Carrying Capacity - 4 People

Main sail Area - 9.30m2

Genoa sail Area - 4.65m2

Spinnaker Area - 17.2m2

PN Rating 940



2 Side Tanks, 1 Forward Tank,

1 Aft Tank

This exceptional price includes a full set of sails, and is ready to sail at just

£13,995.00 Inc Vat (Mk IV)



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