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The Osprey is without doubt one of Ian Proctors greatest boats. Origionally designed to be a contender for an Olympic Class in the early 1950s the Osprey was one of the very first trapeze boats.


In 2004 Hartley Boats comissioned renowned yacht designer Phil Morrison to update and refresh the Osprey so that they could produce a sleek new Mark IV version the brief was to 'produce the best modern Osprey possible whilst maintaining the inherent nature and spirit of the class, to be competitive with the best boats in the class but not render the old boats obsolete.'

The origional boat had been designed by Ian Proctor for amateur wooden construction, with the customary measurement tolerances to allow for building variations. By 2004 the class mould was no longer in a good enough state to use, to achieve high standards in GRP production. therfore a new mould was required.

In designing the new mould Phil Morrison worked diligently to 'optimise' the new hull shape within the original rules in order that the new boats would be competitive with the best of the existing boats but not outclass them, except naturally, because of their greater age.


In initial discussions, Phil suggested a number of changes that would improve and simplify the boat and also facilitate the construction in GRP. He suggested moving the original thwart position to allow more space for the crew, removing the bilge keels and integrating a small tank to finishing the stern of the boat. Whilst not directly affecting the boats performance, these design changes did require rule changes, all of which were approved by the osprey class and the copyright holder.  Simplicity it was decided should be the overriding maxim for the deck layout.

Keeping basic layout simple means that different layouts can be introduced as fashion and technology change. Also existing boats can be brought up to date. It makes foam sandwich construction much easier, stronger and lighter.

The construction around the mast and shroud areas is based on the standard GRP 505, which has remained virtually unchanged for 20+ years. It's strong, light, stiff and simple.

In general the fit out has been completed in-house by Richard and Mark Hartley who have considerable racing experience in the Osprey, with a large measure of input from Tim Rush and Phil Morrison again simplicity and ease of operation have been the key words.


Prior to 2004 no new Ospreys had been built for several years and Osprey sailors were anxious to see a future for their boat. The decision was made to completely redesign the hull and deck moulds and bring the boat up to present day standards. 

Late 2004 the task of redesigning the Osprey commenced. The brief was to make the new Osprey a boat that would appeal to both existing Osprey sailors and a new generation of sailors. All modifications, changes and plans were discussed at length and approved by the Osprey Class Association before implementation.

Ian Teasdale and Kevin Driver were commissioned to build the plugs and moulds - their knowledge and experience being second to none. The first new boat was produced and tested in September 2005. Since then Hartley Boats have been producing a very high quality boat that sails and handles superbly. A fantastic Osprey that you would be very proud to own.




The Osprey has been used successfully for over 40 years. Its 5.35m length and a beam of 1.75m gives the boat its stable qualities. The hull design ensures excellent performance whilst a total hull weight of just 140kg makes the Osprey easily managed both in and out of the water.


'if you like the idea of a Bentley Continental GT, this could be the dinghy for you!'


Length - 5.35m

Beam - 1.75m

Hull weight - 133.9kg

Max, Carrying Capacity - 4 People

Main sail Area - 9.30m2

Genoa sail Area - 4.65m2

Spinnaker Area - 17.2m2

PN Rating 940



2 Side Tanks, 1 Forward Tank,

1 Aft Tank


All glass fibre and polyester resin with large areas of foam sandwich strengthening. Internal stiffness is maintained using uni directional glass cloth with a ribbed internal stiffening structure.

Optional Extras

Below is a small sample of optional extras, please click here to see the complete list of extras suitable to the Osprey

Sailing Options

Carbon Mast - extra cost £896.24

Carbon Boom - Extra Cost £203.88

Carbon Pole - extra cost £159.85

Carbon Full Rig extra cost £1259.97

Kevlar Main £799.76

Adjustable Rig £269.98

Strut Assembly £249.97

Spinnaker Taper Sheets £69.94

Spinnaker Tracks x2 Rear £96.40

Jib Carrs Complete x2 £189.80

Wood, Epoxy Race Centre Board £397.40

Wood, Epoxy Race Rudder £297.80

Carbon centreboard £549.00

Carbon rudder blade £397.00

Carbon rudder stock £298.00

3 step jib cars £289.98

Tiller extension upgrade £59.00

Harken fit out £1695.00

Upgrade to North Sails £798.98

Wood Epoxy Race Rudder £297.80

Wood Epoxy Race centre Board £397.40

Jib Cars complete x 2 £189.80

Spinnaker Tracks x 2 Rear £96.40

Spinnaker tapered sheets ££69.94

Strut Assembly £249.97

Adjustable Rig £249.97

Kevlar mainsail -Extra cost £298.00

Carbon Full Rig - Extra Cost £1259.97

Carbon Pole - Extra Cost £159.85

Carbon Boom - Extra Cost £203.88

Carbon Mast - extra Cost £896.98

Adjustable Toe straps with tracks £198.98

Boat Accessories

Large Tidy Bag £29.98

Tidy Bag £14.98

Two Colour Hull £169.98

Boat Logos Pair (Boat Name) £59.60

Padded Toe straps £89.98

Hartley Boats branded jacket £129.98

Two Colour Hull £179.98

Boat Protection

Flat Cover Poly/Cotton £249.98

Overboom Cover Poly/Cotton £249.98

Under Cover £186.00

Rudder Bag £39.99

Mast foot protector bag £39.98

Mast bag £98.70

Flat Cover Poly-Cotton £289.98

Over-boom Cover Poly-cotton £279.98

Undercover £189.98

Rudder Bag £98.70

Mast Bag £98.70

Boat Movement

Double cradle launch trolley £359.98

Road trailer £599.98

Combi trailer, galvanised £959.96

Standard Jockey Wheel £49.98

Deluxe Jockey Wheel with Handle £69.98

Lighting Board with mast Support £79.98

Double Cradle Launch Trolley £389.98

Road Base trailer £699.95

Combi Trailer £1089.96

Standard Jockey Wheel £69.98

Delux Jockey wheel w/handle £79.98

Lighting Board with mast support £79.98

Tie down strap £15.98

This exceptional price includes a full set of sails, and is ready to sail at just

£11,995.00 Inc Vat (Mk IV)



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