Used : 2020 Show Blaze - £10947.78

This superb 2020 built Blaze has been built especially for the 2020 dinghy show. With its silver-grey deck and its special black non-slip padded floor and its striking slate grey hull with a white bottom is a stunning example of a new Hartley Blaze. The boat specification includes:

Two coloured hull

Superspar high-modular carbon mast

Carbon tiller extension

Po-grip non-slip floor

Adjustable toe straps

Padded toe straps

Top breathable cover

Under breathable cover

Launch trolley

With a total list cost of £12,947.78 this boat will be offered for sale at the show with a special offer of £2000 off making this complete boat an attractive buy at £10,947.78.

This new Blaze carries a full 4-year Hartley Boats guarantee and if needed we can deliver.